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APNIC Member Services

Member Services Lounge

member services

Visit the Member Services Lounge to speak one-on-one with us for all your queries on APNIC services.

APNIC helpdesk will be conducting ROA sessions to help Members explore Resource Certification. Live demos, Q&A and trouble shooting will be available at the session. Join us for a ROA session at your convenience and collect your free ROA t-shirt, while stocks last.

Hostmaster Consultation

Register your Hostmaster Consultation


Speak to APNIC Hostmasters directly about your resource request issues and concerns, such as:

  • How to request IPv4, IPv6, and AS numbers from APNIC
  • How APNIC Hostmasters will evaluate your resource request
  • Current policies for IP and AS number management in the APNIC region
  • How to maintain and update your resource registration record in the APNIC Whois Database

Hostmaster Consultation sessions are face-to-face and held in a closed room to maintain privacy and confidentiality.