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Thank you to the attendees, sponsors, and everyone else who contributed to APRICOT 2015. The event participation statistics are:

Conference Statistics
Total number of on-site delegates:835*
Economies represented:54
APNIC Member organizations represented:136
AMM delegates:96
Remote Participants:
Adobe Connect:158**
Meeting Networking Site and Mobile App:569 delegates signed in
 439 meeting requests were sent
#apricot2015 Posts:1,365 tweets by 365 users
 Total people reached: 1,745,514

*Excludes APNIC staff.
**Web-based online participation options included a choice of video, audio, and text chat. These figures are based on unique IP addresses and exclude APNIC staff and on-site participants, as reported by Adobe Connect statistics.

APNIC EC Election

Four positions on the APNIC EC were up for election. The nominations received were:

  • Jonathan Gleeson
  • Jessica Shen
  • Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
  • James Spenceley
  • Kenny Huang
  • Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann (This nominee withdrew her candidacy on 3 March 2015)

Congratulations to Jessica Shen, who has been elected for the first time to the APNIC EC, and to James Spenceley, Kenny Huang, and Gaurab Raj Upadhaya on their re-election to the APNIC EC. They will each serve a two-year term of office.

Policy SIG Report

SIG Chair / Co-Chair Election

Masato Yamanishi was elected Chair. There were no candidates for Co-Chair, other than one expression of interest. Another election will be held at APNIC 40 for Co-Chair. If an Acting Chair is required, the APNIC Secretariat will appoint a candidate from the NRO NC.

Other Policy SIG Meeting outcomes

Considered four policy proposals:

The following proposal did not reach consensus and was abandoned.

  • prop-112v001: On demand expansion of IPv6 address allocation size in legacy IPv6 space

The following proposals were presented at the APNIC 39 Policy SIG Meeting and did not reach consensus. They were returned to the author and the Policy SIG mailing list for further consideration.

  • prop-113: Modification in the IPv4 eligibility criteria
  • prop-114: Modification in the ASN eligibility criteria
  • prop-115: Registration of detailed assignment information in whois DB

Three informational presentations:

One community consultation:

Consensus Measurement Pilot:

  • CONFER version 0.2

Cooperation SIG

The inaugural meeting of the Cooperation SIG was held at APNIC 39 in Fukuoka, Japan on Tuesday, 3 March 2015. The SIG reached consensus on the Cooperation SIG Charter.

The SIG hosted a panel of speakers including the following:

  • George Sadowsky
  • Izumi Okutani
  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim
  • Maemura Akinori
  • Kuo Wei Wu
  • Sameer Sharma

Elections were held for the position of Chair and Co-Chair. Congratulations to Dr Govind, who was elected as the Chair, and to Billy MH Cheon, who was elected as the Co-Chair. On behalf of the community, the Secretariat would like to thank the outgoing Acting Co-Chairs for their efforts in establishing this new Special Interest Group.

Conference Sponsors

APNIC offers its deepest thanks to the sponsors of APRICOT 2015, whose invaluable contributions allowed the organizers to offer a conference program of a very high standard.

Upcoming Conferences

Jakarta, Indonesia
3 - 10 September 2015

Auckland, New Zealand
16 - 26 February 2016

Conference Attendee Survey Results

Thanks to all who completed the APRICOT 2015 conference survey.