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James Spenceley

Nominee details

Name:James Spenceley
Organization:Vocus Communications
Biographical info:

James Spenceley is the founder of Vocus. As the company’s leading straightshooter, James has steered Vocus through exponential growth in a business environment that is going through significant change. In 2009 Vocus was Australia's fastest-growing technology company, which led to James winning the prestigious Deloitte's Rising Star award. Vocus continued its growth trajectory through 2010 with the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award after posting a revenue growth of an astounding 11,306% over three years. Today, Vocus is a member of the ASX200 with a market capitalisation of more than AU$700m

Never afraid to challenge the industry, he’s won the trust and respect of the business, technical and financial community with his open, transparent and refreshingly straightforward approach to business dealings.

James is a genuine industry innovator because he believes in the critical importance of the network, and its role in transforming business. This transformation is experienced in the technology, but also in the relationships people and businesses need to have with their telecommunications providers. He’s a popular speaker at industry events around the Asia Pacific region and is a passionate advocate for ‘doing everything better.’

Nominated by:Vocus Communications
Motivation for nomination:

James has been on the EC for 6 years and has had a serious positive influence on the organisation during that period.

As his role as Treasurer James has been responsible for increasing APNIC's financial stability while also reduce membership fees and costs to join. It now costs less to join and be a member of APNIC in combination with APNIC having the largest reserve of it's history.

More recently he has worked tirelessly to create a frame work for more transparent reporting of APNIC finances and activities.

James has a unique combination of business and technical skills and has a long history of involvement (and therefore a strong understanding) with APNIC, having attended most meetings since 2000.

Having worked for James for 8 years, I firmly believe there is no better candidiate and no better skills or ability that you could consider for the APNIC EC.